working moms.

having babies is tough.  no matter if you’re working or staying at home… it’s a tough job. it’s the best job, but it’s definitely a tough job.  for a few years now Hope Church has offered a bible study on Wednesday mornings @ 9:30am for moms.  i have heard numerous stories about how much this time has changed, developed, and deepened multitudes of women’s’ lives.  & not just with God but with other women and their families as well.  thus is huge.  and it has been huge for so many women. however, i have also heard stories of moms who have joined our wednesday morning bible study during the end of their pregnancy thru maternity leave but had to stop once they needed to start working again.  these women have expressed sadness and desire for another option for the mom who had to work during the day but desperately needed the connections that moms at hope has offered them.  this, honestly, has broken my heart.

when i had delle, last october, i was only able to take 4 weeks off of graduated school and then needed to return full force in order to finish up the semester with passing grades.  this was extremely difficult for me.  my whole world changed when i had delle and very quickly, 4 weeks later, my whole world changed again.  this was probably one of the most trying and difficult transitions in my life.  and i needed people. desperately.  i needed the community moms at hope offered and the spiritual accountability and depth that i found there.  fortunately for me, my schedule worked around the wednesday morning bible study.  but for many women it doesn’t.  but here’s the thing… there’s good news.

starting this semester we will be piloting a working moms bible study on wednesday night- October 15 & 22nd at 6:15pm.  i know this time can and might be difficult for some women but i really encourage those of you who are desiring, needing, and craving this connection with other moms and women.  i promise, somehow , your kids rally and God really does do amazing things in this time.  the good news is, Hope offers dinner starting at 5:30 and childcare (if you want) during our wednesday night groups. so, dinner-childcare-and hanging out with other women… not sure you can beat that. please email me ( if you are interested in joining us on wednesday nights.  i really do pray that this group will be as beneficial and life giving as it has been for me.  hopefully i’ll see you wednesday:)


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