perspectives {of the working mom}

we have diligently been prayerful, met with, and planned for something at Hope Church that would fit the needs specifically of both non-working and working moms whose schedules don’t fit in with the times mom groups are typically offered (usually in the AM)… & finally all of our prayers and meetings have led to a Wednesday night class offered that would discuss the needs relating to the busy, do-it-all moms.

so, here’s why i love this: you can get dinner at 5pm (& NOT cook), drop your kids off at adventureland, go to our “Perspectives” class at 6:30pm, and meet some moms who get the craziness of raising kids, doing life, and trying to maintain our sanity in the midst of it all.  also, we will have some guest speakers addressing topics like stress management, balance, relationships, and much more.

:: here’s the class description ::

Perspectives of the Working Mom (Sponsored by Women’s Ministry)
Taught by: Jessica Morris (Women’s Ministry Intern) • Room 223
All moms work.  Some at an office and others stay at home. This class is going to help busy moms navigate how to maintain perspective (and sanity) in the midst of the stress, parenting, family life and well, all of the chaos.  There will be a host of guest speakers offering practical advice on stress management, relationships, balance and parenting.


if you’re interested, you can get some more info @:

or feel free to email us directly (we always love hearing from you). we are pretty pumped about this class and can’t wait to see all God is going to do, challenge, encourage, and shape in us this semester.  hope to see you there!


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