best mom ever.

You might be sick of hearing about the new moms class offered on Wednesday nights at Hope Church starting next week (hint hint)… but I can’t help it. I am so excited about it, I can’t stand it. & here’s why… being a woman is TOUGH. I mean it. It’s really, really tough. Physically it’s tough… not only do we have to carry a baby and feel awful for 9 months (really 10) but we also have the crazy hormones, have to deal with our expanding and changing bodies, breastfeeding, cycles, and the grand finale of them all… child birth (a beautiful, amazing, God-given thing… but also an extremely PAINFUL, tiring, emotional experience). And if we don’t end up physically having our own children we still have the sleepless nights, food covered clothes, lack of time for ourselves, and countless hours spent attempting to get our kids to sleep/eat/behave.

But it’s not just physically tough, it’s emotionally tough. Have you ever really thought about all of the expectations placed on women? & not just by society but by the church too. There are images of what we are suppose to look like before we have kids (perfectly fit, tight yoga bodies with flawless skin) and then after we have kids there are images (really ideals) of what our new life and bodies are suppose to be/look like… like Beyoncé at the VMA’s where she sang and danced off her half naked, INCREDIBLE body only months after delivering her first child. Nope that’s not me. but that’s what I feel I am suppose to live up to. How I am suppose to look. Oh and what about the church? Sometimes I feel like I have to have it all together for them. I have to be able to do all I did before having Delle and then add on the extra responsibility of mommyhood… flawlessly. I am supposed to have dinner ready, a clean house, an organized life, and a little extra time for yoga. That’s also not me.

So recently it has occurred to me how desperately women need women. We need real live examples of people wrestling with the same issues and struggles and expectations we face. Because it’s tough out there. And we need each other. United. As a team. Which leads me to my biggest frustration…the invisible war that exists between moms… I call it the “mommy wars.” It’s the battles that women fight over who did and did not breastfeed, who has a natural, flawless birth plan and who wants a C-section or epidural, who will and won’t use baby wise or co-sleep or who works and who stays at home or the millions of other things that have divided us moms. I hate it. I really do.

I honestly rejoice in the fact that all of us are called to do it differently. And I love hearing stories of friends who don’t do it the same way as me. Why? Because I get to learn how God is using them and guiding them to be the best parent to their child. I really don’t believe there is one right way or wrong way but instead that each of us is just trying to be the best mom and woman we can be. A good friend told me that. & she’s right. We are all just trying to be the best moms (and women) that we can. So maybe we should give each other a little slack (just a thought).

So we need each other. We really do. Not divided and fighting over the little stuff but united and working together to fight against the big battles… like the images our sons and daughters will be exposed to that will show them who a “real man” should be or what a “real woman” looks like. These are the battles we all are facing and fighting and we need each other to make it on the other side.  To strive to find the beauty and hope and perfection in the life God created.

So what does this have to do with a silly Wednesday night class being offered for 6 weeks? Everything.  This class is the beginning of trying to find a way to unite moms whose schedules don’t fit in the traditional times that classes for moms are typically offered (usually in the AM).  & more than that it’s a class that will discuss different perspectives and lives of moms and will hopefully give us some tools to live the best lives we can as moms.  so that’s why i’m excited about this class and why i hope you can make it too.  I really do believe it’s the beginning of something pretty great.

{& if you’re interested see the next post for details}


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