balance & the busy mom.

me and balance don’t get along. at all.  most times i feel like i’m either over-committed or feeling just flat guilty about the things i’ve said “no” to.  add being a mom, working, and having a crazy, busy schedule to that and it’s just down right overwhelming.  A friend of mine did a survey of working moms and discovered that the #1 emotion moms struggle with is GUILT.  the guilt of working or not working.  the guilt of schedules and relationships and emotions and well balance.

This is is the heart behind our summer Moms at Hope {PM} class: Balance & the Busy Mom, starting tonight (July 8, 2015).  we will be addressing the battle and struggle of balance as well as discuss ways we, as women and as moms, can find a little bit more balance in our life. it’s going to be a great series and i hope you can join us!  if you are interested, check out the “Moms at Hope {PM}” tab or visit the link below… Hope to see you there!

Balance & the Busy Mom click here –> Wednesdays at hope 
*summer 2015 session: July 8, 15, 22, & 29 from 6:30-7:30pm (dinner is available starting at 5pm)*


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