Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Photo By: Melissa Fagan

Gosh – it’s almost over. Summer, you’ve been good to us, but we’re packing up and saying goodbye.

Our summer Heart 2 Heart series and Moms at Hope {PM} classes have officially completed, but we’re not ready to stop.

So we’re changing seasons and welcoming (hopefully!) cooler weather when we meet again! This year, we are ecstatic to have two options for you: {AM} and {PM}.

Come eat food (because YUM!), enjoy time with other moms (because FRIENDS), and hear a message (because God SPEAKS) … all during a time that fits YOUR schedule!

Below are the details. Mark your calendar and we’ll see you there!

>>>moms at hope {AM}<<<

::When::  Wednesday, September 16th @ 9:30pm

::Where::  The Chapel (Entrance 2)

::What::  good food, great music, and even better people.

*children’s activities available with nominal fee*
*register children at:*

>>>moms at hope {PM}<<<

::When::  Wednesday, September 16th @ 6:30pm
::Where::  Come to Entrance 1 & look for signs!
::What::  moms seeking community & relationships with other moms (it’s that simple).
*children’s activities available in conjunction with Wednesdays at Hope*
*Comment below or email us if you have ANY questions!*

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