Attention Shoppers!

Okay, ladies…

It is that time of year.

Oh, yes … you know what I’m talking about!

Pull up your big girl pants, load up the wallet and let’s get our shopping on!

The Hope Market is TOMORROW!!! 


And this year, it’s KID FRIENDLY!!

Mamas – with the added Kidz Alley, we can’t even use our kiddos as an excuse to not get our Christmas shopping done early. 😉

Personally, I’m meeting up with a small group of good mom friends and plan on enjoying lunch, friends and shopping – all in one sweep!

Would you consider joining myself and other women who will be there stocking their carts with amazing merchandise?

Check out the details below!

“A shopping extravaganza featuring over 120 vendors, with previous favorites and over 40 new ones that will be here to sell gifts, jewelry, handmade crafts, clothing, stationary and more! We have expanded our outside food court and created a Kidz Alley to add to the fun! Come shop for the day, connect with friends and leave with treasures including a yummy dinner for the family already prepared.”


CLICK HERE to visit the Facebook Event!



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