Our Own “Red Tent”

(written by: Rachel Pickel)

It’s no secret that we {moms at hope} believe in community. God designed us for fellowship. We are social creatures.

Painting by Valoru

Every time I think of this, I recall the novel The Red Tent, written by Anita Diamant. (If you haven’t read it – I encourage you todo so!) It’s a fictional story that goes way-way back into the Old Testament about the life and times of Dinah, daughter of Jacob and Leah. The essence of the “Red Tent” is back when women lived in close-quarters or villages, their monthly cycles became ‘in sync.’ During that “time of the month,” the women would escape daily life with their village and retreat to the tent together. When women gave birth, they would also retreat to the tent.

All things “woman” happened in that tent.

I like to think of it as a rustic retreat with mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends.

I’m positive the door way had big sign that stated “NO BOYZ ALLOWED” next to the rotating snack calendar and check-in kiosk. (*wink*)

It’s a place to talk, share stories, vent, support and teach one another. Back then, they dealt with the same issues we do today – men, children, duties/work, and so on. Seemingly far less complicated, yet at times much more dire and raw – death, murder, feast/famine, real miracles and visions from God, etc. – this tent became the club that all women belonged to by virtue of their being.

It centered itself around the gifts of womanhood. Because it truly is a gift.

We support each other during all things ‘woman.’ Can you imagine being able to go to a retreat every month with the women closest to you and just hang out for a week or so?

Every. Single. Month.

Then, as you grow older, have those women from your tent guide you through childbirth and motherhood. Oh, and then they assist with childcare? Talk about a luxury!

In our current, American world, many of us don’t even live in the same time zone as our closest family and friends, much less within walking distance (or a quick burro ride).

It just makes sense.

We women need each other for fellowship and support. We also have a habit of doing most activities together. And we have done so since the beginning of time. Dinah and her village-ettes visited a tent, just as we join our community groups.

Need proof? We still go to the bathroom in groups. More proof? We join bible studies, bunco groups, business groups, philanthropy groups, running/yoga/fitness groups, Facebook groups, subscribe to a mommy blogs. The social calendar list goes on. Social creatures crave community. And we have it – here at {Moms at Hope}.

I would say it’s technically hardwired into our psyche (and uterus) that we must do things together. By doing so, we are following God, as stated in Matthew 22:39 NIV, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Here, our neighbors are the ladies in our lives, and He commands us to love them and share with them.(bonus – we’re doing this already!).

Ladies – we need each other in our walks as Christians and as wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, aunts and as friends.

Now, who’s bringing double-chocolate fudge brownies to {moms} group this week?


3 thoughts on “Our Own “Red Tent”

  1. Love, love, love this comparison and that book. Can’t wait to go to my 3 red tents today at Hope. … Still recovering from hosting my bunko red tent last night. . I have some leftover chocolate cake … Maybe I’ll bring some for you Rachel Fox Pickel! I’m glad you are in my tent.


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