Dinner & a Concert? Yes, Please!

It’s officially fall. Which means it is almost officially winter. Which means it is almost officially time for the annual Women’s Ministry Christmas Dinner.

Much like in the past, this year the Hope Church Women’s Ministry Department is taking it easy and not doing much for the holidays. (<–lie!)

Ellie-Holcomb-sexy-0For example, the dinner menu isn’t COMPLETELY FABULOUS (yes, it is) and they only got Ellie Holcomb to come as the featured guest.


(*butterflies just took flight in my stomach*)
(*oh em gee – ellie HOLCOMB!*)
(*if you happen to see me stalking her backstage, just turn your head the other way.*)

Add this info to your calendar – stat! Because if not, you’ll be both HUNGRY and NOT LISTENING to ELLIE HOLCOMB on December 3rd. 😉

I recommend grabbing your mom group and other mom friends and reserving a table before they’re sold out! (Which will happen pretty quickly … because, um, ELLIE HOLCOMB.)

See y’all there!


Thursday, December 3rd
Dinner: 6pm
Concert: 7pm


Hope Church


good food, great music, and even better people!
Dinner + Concert: $15 open seating or $110 table of 8
Concert Only: $10

Tickets available online only at HopeChurchMemphis.com/Women



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