The Good Stuff Sticks.

(Written by Emily Matthews) 

This whole parenting thing is hard. I screw up, big time. Every day. I won’t admit how much I screw up because no one would want to be my friend anymore, and the church would surely not let me lead a bible study.

But, just for fun, here is some of my stuff I shouldn’t disclose:

  • I have zero control over my children. And there are so many (four, to be exact). The youngest has decided strollers are the Worst Ever, so I now have her on a child safety restraint (read: leash).
  • Sometimes I am forced to ask myself, “when did these kids last get in the bathtub?” Last night? Nope. No one knows…
  • I have two speeds. They are  “Most Patient Mom Ever” and “Rage-Filled Hulk.”

Anyway. We all fall short. But sometimes, Jesus will give us a glimpse of what we do right

And it’s so awesome.

This week my eldest got into the car after school upset, because he got into trouble for talking when he was supposed to be quiet. (But it WASN’T HIM. Riiiiight, bud). The teacher who caught him said she was going to have a talk with his regular teacher about it. He fretted all night about how he was going to get in “so much trouble” and his teacher would “be mad at him.”

Fretted. Chewed on it. Like, if I hear you whine about this one more time child…

But then, right before heading out the door for school, he says, “Mom, I need you to pray for me.”

So, I did.

We prayed together for mercy regarding the talking and for him to respond with grace if he did get “in trouble.” Then we prayed about the power of confession and repentance.

And that was it. No more fretting.

IMG_0846You see, enough of me “making him” pray before he gets out of car in the morning has rubbed off.

This parenting stuffs works! (Who knew??)

These little people see and mimic how we act and react. And you know what? Sometimes they also can get a gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit to pray.

Conviction y’all. It’s Jesus in me. Jesus in my kids. Jesus loves a mess. (Can I get a hallelujah!?!)

So take heart! Keep screwing up! The good stuff will stick. And pray the bad stuff slides off. Don’t take my word for it. Solomon, the smartest dude around wrote:

Start children off on the way they should go; and even when they are old they will not turn from it. (Proverbs 22:6) 


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