{AM} It’s Time to Grub and {PM} Say Bye (for now)!

Today I have announcements for both {AM} and {PM} moms groups.

{PM} Moms, you’re first.

So, we’re super sad because this Wednesday night (Feb. 17th) is our last {PM} moms meet up this semester. 😦 (boo!) It’s been an awesome few weeks with our guest speakers and teachers. (A huge shout-out to them! Whoop, Whoop!)

But it’s time. We’re going to take some time off to regroup and plan out the next Wednesday night series teaching. It’ll come soon enough that we’re all back together agin, though! Don’t you worry!

We’d love to hear feedback on this round of Wednesdays at Hope. 🙂 Shoot us a quick message with the below form. 🙂

{AM} Moms, your turn!

Get your tastebuds ready, ladies… because this Wednesday (Feb. 17th) is our {AM} Women’s Ministry potluck.

“So, Kristin, what is this potluck you speak of?”

I’m glad you asked! 😉

It’s when everyone from all the women’s ministry morning bible studies get together and enjoy one another’s company. We (the mamas) get to meet women who love Jesus just as much as we do, but are (for the most part) in a different life stage than us. (Ladies – these women prove there is life after kids!! Can you believe it?? *wink* Let’s soak in as much wisdom as possible from them so we might make it through these next 18 years.)

Y’all. I cannot wait! The food was incredible last semester, and I’ve been super hungry since nursing this new baby! So I plan to eat the food. (Maybe all of it… we shall see…). I made new friends last year and can’t wait to meet more!

So, details.

  • Everyone brings food in a disposable container (labeled if not easily identifiable).  Grace is extended to those who can’t manage bringing food.
  • Drop off food at the gym when coming in Entrance 3.
  • Small group/Philippians teaching begins early, 9:45.
  • 10:50 group time ends and everyone heads to gym.
  • Childcare is extended until noon. Yay!
  • This is a great opportunity for great food and fellowship!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll see y’all there!  (Did I mention the food is incredible??)


This was my 3rd trip back to the food last semester. Oops! 😉 Give me a break, I was super preggo! *wink*

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