Hello, My Name is Rachel…

This week we’re meeting another mom from our Wednesday morning group. Say hello to Rachel!

Hello, my name is Rachel…

If I were writing a cheesy game show introduction, it might sound like this:

“I’m a Leo, I love red wine and rib-eyes, cup cakes and home-made ranch dressing. The quickest way to my heart is through my feet. I am a sucker for a good foot rub and Golden Retrievers. I don’t do long walks on the beach because I’d rather be sun tanning. I do well on my own, I’m loyal and sometimes a realist (read: pessimist) but I love talking and quality friendships.”

However, this doesn’t tell you much, and I don’t win a prize for it.

You see, I’ve got a letterman’s jacket from high school. (I could use one now, only I’d call it my LetterMom’s Jacket.) My life is filled with letters (aka merit badges) that I’ve earned along the way. They are life’s merit badges because they shaped the woman (daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend) I am today.

So instead of an introduction, I would like to show you the badges I would put on my life’s letter jacket. As a jock, I think this metaphor suits me. And if I were still adding badges to the fabric, it wouldn’t look pretty. However, it would be softened by time and could tell quite a story.

Badge: Resourcefulness

I grew up in a small, Wyoming town where my parents taught me self-reliance and preparation. You never know when you’ll find yourself in the middle of nowhere, with no one to help. Or when you would come upon someone who could use something you have. It’s not just a scouting motto, it’s how I live my life. As a mother, I might appear disheveled, but should you need something, chances are it’s in my bag or in the back of my Jeep.

Badge: Recreation

I’m sporty. I was athlete in both high school and college and even had several [dream] jobs where I worked outside (and loved every minute of if)! I love playing sports and being active. I share this love with my family. I pray that my children will enjoy healthy, active lifestyles and find fun in free play.

Badge: Nature

Growing up in a rural area made me appreciate my surroundings. I was taught early on to enjoy nature, to care for and preserve it, and to revel in God’s creation. There’s nothing greater than clear-blue western skies resting atop the peaks of the Black Hills.

Badge: Mom

I’ve been married to my husband and best friend, Hal, for nearly seven years. In that time we have owned a business together, made two perfect and spunky children named Lillian Rose (5) and Jonah Fox (4), lived in two cities, in three homes, and currently have one dog, several koi fish, and call the ducks, geese, turtles, frogs, and deer in our back yard “ours”, as well. We have loads of ups and downs filled with laughter, boo-boos, mountains of laundry, home work, sleep work, and worky-work. This is the hardest role I’ve had on any team and no amount of practice prepared me for this. I have earned a dump-truck full (thanks to my son) of “sparkly” badges (thanks to my daughter) for this job/sport/way-of-life.

“So fear the Lord and serve Him wholeheartedly….But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” NLT Joshua 24:14, 15.

I’ve never been the best at anything, but most of the time I give my ‘best’ of the moment that I can. I had to work hard to get everything I have and everything I’ve experienced. All of my experiences are merit badges for my LetterMOM Jacket. Someone else had my jacket completed and ready-to-wear before I even began.

All were earned exactly when they were supposed to be earned and placed exactly where they were supposed to be placed, no matter how hard I tried to take care of them on my own.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. The you will call on me and come and pray to me and I will listen to you. You will seek and and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” NIV Jeremiah 29:11-13

If you see me in my LetterMom Jacket sometime, ask me where I got it because I’m sure there’s one waiting for you there too.

Version 2
Me in my high school letter jacket with my daughter Lillian Rose (5). Not pictured: My husband Hal who is behind the camera, Haley (13) who was chasing a ball, and my son Jonah (4) who was throwing a tantrum.

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