When I Don’t Like God’s Answer

It is officially spring. The pollen is in the air and the trees and flowers are blooming. I love it!
But I miss my moms!
Who else feels the same way?!
Well, worry not. Heart 2 Heart is approaching… next week, April 25 & 27th!
That means: children’s activities (both Monday night and Wednesday morning! Can I get a hallelujah!) coffee, mom time, chocolate (fingers crossed), worship and a great message. This month we are learning about “Listening to God When I Don’t Like the Answer”.
Do things ALWAYS go according to your plan? And you NEVER get bad news, and God always answers every prayer in just the way you want?
If so, then this is not for you. 
But if life throws you curve balls and unexpected, unpleasant, imperfect, painful, things happen to you, even when you try to be prayerful and tune in to God – then guess what? You are breathing and alive – and this message is for you.
See you there!

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