Remain Present: Showered with Grace

(Written by Abby Hamilton)

How do you “remain present” when there are pretty big “what ifs” fighting for residence in your head?

How do you remain joyful in this moment when waiting for answers, answers that may or may not be what you want?

How do you function, let alone find joy, when your brain is in a fog?

This is where I have found myself this last month.  Not fun … not easy …  mentally and emotionally exhausting. My brain is like a stubborn 2 year old, constantly running off where it’s not supposed to go.

The other morning I prayed while in the shower. With all that wonderful, hot water was washing over me, God put a picture in my mind. His grace is like that shower, abundantly washing over me. As long as I relax in Him under that shower, I am standing in His shower of grace. The moment I step out of “right now” and look at future “what ifs,” I step out of the shower.  As long as I rest in Him (His love, His sovereignty, His provision…), His abundant grace washes over me with peace.

Since, I’ve been seeking to bring my unruly mind back under the shower of His abundant grace. Some days are easier than others. Singing songs that point me to God, talking to Jesus, talking with trusted friends and family, asking them to pray for and with me and thanking Him are some ways that bring me back under the shower of God’s abundant grace. Phrases like, “I trust You, Jesus.” and “The Lord is my Shepherd.” bring me back under the shower, as well.

God’s peace prevails. 

These little faith muscles of mine are getting a big workout. Sometimes I’m exhausted from trying so hard to rest. We do that don’t we? Try so hard … even to rest. But God patiently reminds us to look to Him in every moment and relax in His abundant grace. When we truly do this – stay in the moment with Him – His peace and grace wash us clean.


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