Winter 2017 KICKOFF.


WINTER 2017 KICKOFF is almost here.

We are super excited about this one.  Why? Because we get to hear from ELI MORRIS & because we get to talk about R E S T. I don’t know about you but rest is something I could use more of and would love to hear how I can develop the space I need to breathe😉 But that’s just me;)

WHEN: January 11th, 9:30-11:30

WHERE:  Hope Church Memphis, Come to the Hope 4 Kids building & we’ll guide you the rest of the way.

WHAT: Shaun Lloyd will be singing a few tunes & Eli Morris will be discussing REST 

EXTRA INFO: Don’t forget to register your kids HERE & to follow us on Instagram (Momsathope) for some exciting giveaways coming up in January.

Hope to see you JANUARY 11th at 9:30am!


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