The Gathering

(written by: Emily Matthews)

Moms! You have successfully navigated spring break. Congratulations!

And could the weather have been be any worse? We were all cooped up from the cold and rain at the beginning of the week and it made us all crabby. BUT … we got a nice weekend to enjoy.

But it’s back to the routine, so let me tell you about 2 things to look forward to!

Moms@Hope {PM} is back this week (starting March 22) for the spring Wednesdays@Hope.

That’s right! We get four weeks of dinner, children’s activities, and MOM TIME. 🙌 🙌 🙌 So grab your girlfriends and we’ll see you Wednesday night!

Then, the following week is the first Gathering with Women’s Ministry.

It happens Monday evening, the 27th, and Wednesday morning, the 29th. (Childcare available both Monday night and Wednesday morning. Children’s activities are available for children up to elementary age and is free with sign-up. Sign-up your child(ren) for either March 27 or 29th at Please sign-up today to ensure we have the appropriate amount of workers available for each session.) We can’t wait to gather for coffee, food, worship and time together. More info HERE!

As an elementary-age mom, after spring break is the final slide to summer. Kids are restless and ready to be done with school. And the calendar gets filled up with all the extra activities in the spring.

Let’s stick together and we can do this! (Cue motivational music) See y’all soon!


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