Make Me a Mark 5 Woman

(written by Emily Matthews)

You know those women that “grab life by the horns”? That see what they need and go for it? Sometimes even out of desperation, but they act? They don’t get paralyzed and overwhelmed?

We meet one of these women in Mark 5. Jesus is performing miracles and being awesome (as usual). People are hearing about this Man who does amazing things, healing people. A woman who has been bleeding for 12 years (I know, don’t get me started on this fact. It’s horrible … especially back in biblical times. She was thought to be unclean and was shunned by people. Isolated. So unfair.).

She heard about Jesus and reached out and touched his clothes as he was walking through a crowd. She thought just touching his clothes could heal her.

And she was healed immediately.

Jesus sensed someone touched him. He asked, “Who touched my clothes?”

Ok, right here is where we see how brave and awesome she was…

She fell at his feet and told him the whole truth: that she was so desperate to be healed, and knew that one touch could do it. Jesus them told her,

“Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” (Mark 5:34)

Why is this un-named woman my hero? We can all learn some things from her and this brief encounter with Jesus. This surely isn’t the most spectacular miracle or healing Jesus performed. It is, after all, found between Jesus calling out demons and bringing a dead girl back to life.


This woman was bold. She acted, reached out and took the initiative. She did like Nike says, JUST DO IT. She went for it, even if she was totally freaked out. Though, I imagine just being in the crowd was probably scary because she was used to isolation because of her condition.

Present and paying attention.

She was present in her life, even while suffering, to see what was around her. She could have missed the opportunity to have a brief moment with Jesus.

Moms, lift up your eyes and see what is in front of you in life … be an active participant in your life. I know this gig is hard, and it’s easy to just stay distracted and try to make it until nap-time, bedtime, or the weekend. But pay attention and look with fresh eyes.


I have to believe Jesus knew full well who touched him. It says in Mark 5:30, “he realized power had gone out of him.” He knew it was her. But, she needed to own up to it because it was part of the process. Is there something you need to own up to to receive your healing?

Willing to be vulnerable.

She spoke up in a crowd and told him the whole truth (that is the exact phrasing). We don’t know her words, but I bet she was raw and honest.

Firm in faith.

Y’all. Her faith was so secure, she KNEW that merely touching his clothes could heal her. And she didn’t even know the whole story about Jesus yet. But, she believed. We have the entire story for us. Do I believe like this woman? Do you believe like this woman? Do we really believe? Remember, it was her faith that healed her.

Are you suffering and long to hear, “go in peace and be freed?” Take some lessons from our Mark 5 woman. Because, in the end, it will be our faith that heals us.


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