Resurrection Out of Devastation

(written by Abby Hamilton)

“Why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?” John 20:15

Weeping, Mary Magdalene stood before the empty tomb. She was devastated. The Man who had delivered her from the torment of 7 demons, who had given her words of hope and meaning, who had been the One she followed, was gone. She was grief stricken witnessing the One she loved beaten and murdered just a few days earlier.

In deep despair, Mary did not recognize Jesus when He asked her why she was crying. She must have felt as if the empty tomb was the worst thing that could happen. Not only was her Savior brutally executed, His body was missing.

How human to be mentally locked into only that which we can see and figure out. Even though Christ had talked about His resurrection, it was so far beyond her human experience she couldn’t imagine it.

I relate to Mary. When the unexpected or the dreaded comes, my limited mind makes it difficult to see Christ. Internal demands rise up and unbelief skews my perspective.  I think things HAVE to look a certain way … the trajectory of my life and my loved ones lives HAVE to look a certain way. Often this insistence blocks me from seeing Christ and what He is doing.

“Mary.” (John 20:16)

The moment Jesus called her name, she immediately recognized Him. Grief and confusion were replaced with hope and joy. The tomb was still empty. In one sense, nothing changed. But, by His grace, she heard and saw and everything changed.

Sometimes the circumstances that look disastrous might be the very things God uses for transforming life.

God’s ways exceed anything we can imagine. Mary thought the empty tomb was terrible defeat. Yet the empty tomb was the very essence of victory and hope!

Are you facing an empty tomb? Open your heart and mind to trust His. Though you may not recognize Him, He is with you. Listen for His Voice. He is calling your name.

Resurrection wins. It just very likely won’t be the way or the timing you planned.


One thought on “Resurrection Out of Devastation

  1. Love this. Somehow I just saw it today. This passage has been on my heart too. One of the comforts I take from it is when other family members I love seem to not see Jesus anymore, I can trust that in His timing, He will call them by name and they will recognize Him again.


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