all about {moms at hope}

we love moms. & we get it.  life is crazy as a mom.  there are nap times, feeding schedules, carpools, church, extracurricular activities, school, homework, play dates, and {maybe} a little time for fun.

but we honestly believe God desires to speak, shape and use us despite the distractions and craziness of life. here at Hope Church we want you to feel at home. to find community. to hear from God. & hopefully have some fun in the process.

{moms at hope} is a place for moms to find community. to hear from God. & do life together. it’s that simple.

it doesn’t matter if you are a soon-to-be-mom, new mom, single mom, mom of toddlers, mom of elementary ages, mom of teens … stay at home mom or working mom … single mom or married mom … there’s a place for you.

if you’re interested, if you want to try and find a community, a group, or – hey – if you just want some women to talk to … please contact us.  we promise we don’t bite and would love to hear from you.

have some suggestions? ideas? we’d love to hear that too.


2 thoughts on “all about {moms at hope}

  1. Hi Claire! We meet at Hope Church Memphis on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:30 or wednesday nights 6:30-7:30! Right now we are on a break but start back January 11th! We would love you to come join us! Check out our “contact” page for emails/ more info! If you have anymore questions just email us at

    hope to see you!!!


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