(written by Jennifer Saxton) Every week, I gather with roughly 40 other women of different ages, ethnicities and body types to dance. Zumba class has become one of my most favorite classes at the gym. During that hour, women are smiling, laughing and having fun. No one cares if you miss a step or if you … More Chains

Be Still

Sit.  Be Still. (written by Rachel Pickel) Heard this one before, right? How many times did you say that to your little ones yesterday? Too many to count? Well, I’m not talking to them. I’m talking to you!  Yes – YOU.  To the momma who is sipping her morning coffee, scrolling her phone or iPad, … More Be Still

Remaining Present When I Cannot

(written by Rachel Pickel) When I think about what it means to “remain present”, I think of how one achieves this rather than the  literal definition.  Since the words “remain present” are not technically in the dictionary, I looked up “intention.”  (Stick with me, I promise I’m going somewhere…) Merriam-Webster’s Word Central defines “Intention: a person or … More Remaining Present When I Cannot