We’re BACK!

Am I the only one who thought last week was awesome?? To be back with friends, get out of the house, let the kiddos play with friends and hear a great message … such a great time! And it doesn’t stop there! We are so excited that this Wednesday morning kicks off our regular {AM} group … More We’re BACK!

Over the River and Through the Woods … to Christmas Dinner

Can’t see the forest for the trees? Does the daily grind, including ‘making that list’ and ‘checking it twice’ get in the way of seeing God’s magnificent forest in front of you? Forest!?! Wait, is there a forest out there? Join Women’s Ministry for the annual Christmas Dinner on Thursday, December 1 for an evening … More Over the River and Through the Woods … to Christmas Dinner

Remaining Present When I Cannot

(written by Rachel Pickel) When I think about what it means to “remain present”, I think of how one achieves this rather than the  literal definition.  Since the words “remain present” are not technically in the dictionary, I looked up “intention.”  (Stick with me, I promise I’m going somewhere…) Merriam-Webster’s Word Central defines “Intention: a person or … More Remaining Present When I Cannot

Remain Present: Keep Jesus in the Everyday

(written by Emily Matthews) My family spent fall break “adventuring” across Tennessee’s mountains and through the pretty fall foliage. It was a fantastic morning at Rock City. If you’ve been you know that once you are close to the top you choose between a stone bridge or a swinging rope bridge to cross. We chose the … More Remain Present: Keep Jesus in the Everyday